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Make your next road trip one to remember!

If you are not someone who needs a car frequently or for everyday use, you might wonder if buying a car is a good idea for you. Choosing to rent a car is probably the best alternative to buying a car. You save a ton of money, have a wide variety of cars of choose from, and you can upgrade your car whenever you want.

Whether you want a car for a road trip or simply for everyday use – car booking services can offer you exactly what you are looking for. When you buy a car, it loses its value from the day you take ownership of it, and its value only keeps deprecating. You also need to make sure to keep it in top condition because if it and when it breaks down, you will need to spend extra money to get it repaired.

However, when you get a car on rent, you do not need to worry about these issues. Most rental services have a variety of cars you can choose from and offer luxury services like chauffeur driven cars on rent for a fraction of the cost.

Buying a car means regularly having to invest time and money to make sure it does not break down while you are on the road, and you need to make sure it doesn’t get spoiled or the battery doesn’t die if you don’t use it regularly.

Rent the perfect Car

If you have never rented a car before, it’s only normal that you will be apprehensive and unsure about what to do, but car rental services like Rentickle are here to guide you and help you choose the perfect car.

There are multiple online car booking services you can check out before you eventually settle on one. You can even compare the different sites and pick the one that has exactly what you need. Rentickle will provide you with renting options across India, and offer a secure, reliable, and relatively user-friendly platform for renting a car online.

If you are eventually looking to buy a car, it is hard to figure out which car you want to purchase from a 20-minute test drive. When you rent a car, you get the chance to spend a lot more time with a car, try it out on different roads, and then decide if you want to buy it. When you rent, you also have the freedom of upgrading or swapping your rented car for another one, if you would like to try out other options.

When you are shopping for a car (or anything else), it’s easy to get swept up and fall into the trap of buying the first thing that looks good. You need to remember that you are not getting a car simply because it looks good. You need a car that is solid, works well, and saves you time, energy, and money.

What’s your ideal car?

There are a number of things you should keep in mind when choosing a car. Right from the number of passengers to why you need the car, and what type of car you require. Rentickle offers you two types of car rental services – Self-Drive cars, and Chauffeur-Driven cars.

Why opt for a Self-Drive car?

Getting a self drive car on rent is perfect for when you want to head out on a road trip or need a car for everyday use. Road trips can rock up mileage and require heavy maintenance but when you rent, you don’t need to worry about all this. Buying a car means regularly having to invest time and money to make sure it doesn’t break down while you are on the road. And there’s also the fear of deprecation – no matter what you do and how well you look after your car, it is bound to lose its value over time.

Whether you have your eye on the latest Land Rover or Mercedes E Class, you don’t need to hold back from wondering if you can afford it. The whole idea of renting a car is to allow you to drive and temporarily own your dream car. Doesn’t that make the best gift for yourself?

Why opt for a Chauffeur-Driven car?

Chauffeurs add a dimension of comfort and luxury to your mundane life, and they are a great way to help you add that extra “oomph” to any special occasion. So, whether you need a car for your wedding or if you’re planning to propose, opting for a chauffeur driven car on rent is a great idea to spice up your special day.

With Rentickle’s chauffeur driven cars, you will never worry that our cars won’t arrive on time, whether you are travelling for a business meeting or to the airport or just for a night out, we are on time every time. Additionally, all our cars are top notch and immaculate which will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Why choose Rentickle?

With Rentickle, you get to pick from the widest and most exclusive range of cars and decide which one works best for you. Rental cars are more than just backups for when your car is in the shop. When you get a car on rent for a road trip, you can see what features you like and what you don’t like. Does the seat go all the way back? Is the armrest comfortable? Whatever the features are, taking a 2000kms road trip in a vehicle will give you a much better feel for it then a 20-minute test drive.

One of the biggest advantages of renting is that when your car breaks down, your rental provider will provide you with hassle free maintenance, thus reducing your costs and helping you stick to your budget.

Rentickle offers you the widest and most exclusive range of cars to choose from. So, whether you want to opt for a self-driven car or a chauffeur service, it’s always a good time to rent.

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